About Legally Hired 

Legally Hired was born out of desire to improve the status quo of online job advertisements.

Most specifically, for the student & graduate sector seeking to break into the legal profession.

Having observed how inefficient - in terms of cost and time - traditional job boards could be for many employers, and how frustrating and inefficient the process was for many candidates who often felt they offered more than what was simply written on their CV, the founder of Legally Hired sought to create a platform which resulted in a more enriching experience for all involved.

Therefore we focus on allowing job-seeking candidates the ability to present more; that is, more insight into who they are; how they work & whether they have the personality fit for the organisations culture setting. 

We understand that employers use the initial interview as an opportunity to determine whether the candidate, who looks good on paper, is likely to be a good fit in your organisation and exhibits the personality that will complement your existing team or the role requirements. So why not accelerate that process from the comfort of your office without having to reshuffle other commitments?

All candidates can display a video on their profile where they have answered from a series of diverse questions (a mixture of professional and non-professional) which aims to give employers greater insight into their persona.

Beyond this, any employer who posts a role can short list a number of questions and individually send them a request to film a film answering interview questions of your choosing. 

These videos will be available to the employer to view in their own time for a set period after the job posting ends. 



Instead of just showing candidates a list of jobs - and on the flipside, employers a list of faceless CV's - we aim to bring life to an otherwise mundane, sometimes soul destroying process (for all) by humanising the experience, by allowing greater transparency of candidates & their qualities, whilst also offering training and support to job seekers which helps them transition from university to the workplace, so they are a little less "green" once they first walk through the door. Because as we all know, in today's workplace, academic achievements only take you so far, yet expectations in the legal industry are so much higher. 


So, how do we do this? 


Upon selecting your membership, both parties (candidates and employers, that is) are to complete their profile. This profile, especially for candidates, allows you to upload traditional information (your CV, university, grades, for example) but also the opportunity to complete a Q & A - answering from an extensive list of pre-populated questions tackling more than just which area of law you wish to pursue. Here is the opportunity to disclose what makes you tick, what you wish you could put on a traditional CV (to show the "real you") or what you would do with your life if you weren't pursuing law. The key to a great workplace is finding people who fit the culture the company exhibits. Here is an opportunity for candidates show if you're a potential match. 

Then again, what is better than simply typing these responses for someone else to read…? Actually filming it! Members of Legally Hired have the opportunity to film themselves discussing what they feel portrays them in the most authentic light. You speak well? Have great people skills? Here is the opportunity to demonstrate who you are beyond the school you attended and the grades you received.  


For employers, not only can you view our candidate director & post jobs, you can also request recorded video interviews from those shortlisted.  

Brilliant for when you have received countless applications but are struggling to find the time to schedule and conduct initial interviews.  

With our portal, you can elect to notify candidates of their shortlisting and then send them the initial interview questions. Candidates will receive a link, which upon opening will prompt them to film a response to your prescribed questions. Once submitted, you, the employer will receive notification & be able to watch the interview in your own time, at home or at work. 

As a whole, Legally Hired endeavours to make the job-hunting, candidate searching process more efficient, effective and overwhelmingly rewarding for all those involved.