Legally Hired is not a recruitment agency, we are a online marketplace. Our role is to
facilitate the interaction between candidates and employers. We assist by allowing
employers to narrow in on their key selection criteria without resorting to applicant
tracking systems (which scan resumes for key words & subsequently eliminate potentially
great candidates).

Well firstly, we are not just a jobs site! Legally Hired is an interactive portal which aims to
“humanise” the often soul destroying job placement process.
Some major features of Legally Hired which set us apart include….

At this stage, Legally Hired is only for current Australian law students and

Don’t we all! Making a video of ourselves makes many people nervous, so
it is therefore an optional extra, which you can upload at any time. That
said, we strongly recommend giving it a go. Profiles with videos do get
priority listing in the directory as it provides employers with greater insight
into the candidates personality. A major feature of Legally Hired, which
really isn’t offered elsewhere